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Global Innovation Excellence Benchmark v9

Understanding innovation performance to enable breakthroughs

The pace of innovation is constantly increasing and getting a handle on innovation performance is often a challenge for organizations as they struggle to keep up with emerging best practices for innovation. The ability to benchmark innovation management practices and understand best practices can identify areas for improvement and help to develop better ecosystem capabilities, strong internal core innovation processes and help to develop breakthrough approaches.

Since the 1990s Arthur D. Little has been benchmarking best practices in the management of innovation. This is the 9th iteration of our Innovation Excellence Benchmarking. Every iteration incorporates new material based on the hundreds of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) assignments we carry out every year. We also incorporate feedback from leading academics in the area of innovation management.

The current model has been extensively reviewed and the 9th edition now incorporates improved coverage of Ecosystem innovation as well as several best practice updates based on ADL studies on R&D best practice management, Agile management, Digital Innovation and Breakthrough Innovation.

Impact on Innovation

The Global Innovation excellence Benchmark assesses both your innovation performance and your innovation management approach

The assessment is based on an online (or paper based) questionnaire which takes 45-60 minutes to complete.  Arthur D. Little then provides you with a complementary report (please click below for a sample report).

We measure :

  1. Innovation Success: “What has your innovation effort delivered in terms of business success?”
  2. Innovation Management Practices: “How sophisticated is your innovation management practices vs best practice?”

The assessment allows us to confirm the relationship between innovation success (Sales, EBIT etc) and current Innovation Management Practices (IMPs). It positions benchmark participants against your peer group and other participating companies. We can then explore how improving your Innovation Management Practices could improve performance and return on innovation.

Industry Innovation Benchmark Against Peers and Innovation Leaders

Additional authors are

Rick Eagar, Michael Kolk, Frederik Van Oene, Fredrik Härenstam, Chandler Hatton, Wouter Schoof, Dominic Sattler, Phil Webster, Heike Woerner Habib Hussein, Aurelien Guichard.

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